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    April 22, 2013
    12:00 - 12:31pm PDT  

>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald remembering boston. minutes ago, the state held a moment of silence for the victims in last week's marathon explosions. hello, i'm michelle griego. frank is now on assignment. it's now exactly a week since the deadly bombings. from his hospital bed the surviving suspect faces a list
of charges. cbs reporter edward lawrence is live in boston and says that suspect could face the death penalty. edward? >> reporter: boston and the nation paused about 10 minutes ago to honor the exact moment when the two bombs went off at the marathon finish. meanwhile, the case against the teenaged bombing suspect is moving forward. a federal judge went to his room today at his hospital room and charged him with the crimes. bells tolled across boston after the city held a moment of silence to mark the one-week anniversary of the marathon bombings. the bombing suspect faced a judge from his hospital bed this morning. dzhokhar tsarnaev has been charged with using a weapons of mass destruction and could face death. the 19-year-old has been responding to investigators' questions in writing because an injury is preventing him from speaking. cbs news has learned his answers suggest johar and his brother tamerlan acted alone. >> he is not saying there is a whole second wave of plots or plotters here. still, there are places where
they made the explosives and other things it sounds like. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine what the brothers were doing leading up to the bowlings and immediately after. authorities are -- bombings and immediately after. authorities are focusing a took tamerlan took to russia and want to talk to his widow. this man went to high school with the older brother and coached the younger one. >> it doesn't fit the crimes. i'm not defending them. >> reporter: this is the first day back to work for people in boston since police shut down the city last week. many stopped by this memorial here at the finish line to pay their respects dropping off flowers and notes. many want answers. >> i'm not sure anything he would say would make the city feel better, but it would be nice to know why somebody would do that. >> reporter: funerals are taking place for the victims. mourners in medford gathered to honor 29-year-old krystle cambell one of the three spectators killed in the blast. campbell was a restaurant manager who was watching a
friend run the marathon. live in boston, edward lawrence, back to you. the father of the two suspects says he plans to travel to the united states later this week saying he has many questions for police. today the martinez boy injured in the bombing may get special visitors from the bay area. as batting coach waller, first bay man brandon moss and josh reddick hope to see the child before they play at fenway park. he had multiple surgeries at boston's children's hospital and got a visit from first lady michelle obama last week. a marin running company will hold a special run tonight in honor of those affected by the boston marathon bombings. runners will leave from ross common park at 6:45 for the 2.5- mile run. they will wear blue and yellow in honor of the marathon's official colors. we'll have continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings right here on kpix 5 and
following the events in boston, san francisco's police chief is floating this idea around: put security cameras on market street. they would be used to monitor big public events and even parades. kpix 5 reporter elissa to it and joins nowiookg more. >> reporter: policeeg hr wants cameras along market street because so many of the city's big events happen right here. for example, new year's eve celebrations, the giants parade after they won the world series, the pride parade are just a few of the events that have brought huge crowds to market street. there are already private cameras along here. but chief suhr wants more. at a roundtable meeting today he planned to suggest the idea for these extra cameras and this comes after the bombings at the boston marathon that killed three people. cameras along the paths were crucial to identifying the suspects. >> cameras themselves are the gift that keep on giving, cameras and cell phones, that's
the evidence on top of dna, that's what juries want to see and prosecutors want to have and defense attorneys dread. >> reporter: police already have security cameras up in some high crime neighborhoods of the city but don't monitor the video live. instead, they will review the tapes ifa crime is committed. again, this is all being discussed today so we don't have a timeline of when these cameras might go up or how many there might be. you're looking at one of the cameras now along market street. i have seen quite a few but chief suhr would like more and we don't know who would pay for them if approved. elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> you have been on market street all morning. what do people on the street think about having more cameras? >> reporter: just about everybody i spoke with actually is in favor of these cameras. i spoke with a business owner along market street and he told me he would actually like to see a camera every 10 feet. he says the more the better. back to you. >> all right. elissa harrington live in san
francisco, thank you. and new details on a gas leak that evacuated a south bay mall. pg&e is reporting that the gas leak near valley fair mall has been capped and the mall is back open for business. these are chopper aerials right now from earlier this morning while crews worked to stop the flow of gas in a parking lot on the north side the mall. construction crews working on that site hit a high pressure gas line just after 8:00 this morning. dozens of employees were forced to leave the mall as pg&e crews worked to cap it. >> after the line was capped, hazmat crews made sure there was no residual gas inside before giving it the "all clear." checking other news around the bay area, a san jose woman accused of stealing a car with a baby inside is due in court today. carla hernandez faces charges of kidnapping, child endangerment and auto theft. she allegedly stole an suv after the owner briefly left the car with the keys in the ignition and her baby in the
bag seat. it's still not clear whether the suspect knew initially that there was a baby in the car. starting today, retail stores in much of san mateo county can no longer offer plastic shopping bags to their customers. the bag ordinance is aimed at encouraging customers to bring gswi own reusable bags. ilbe available for a 10- cent fee. thty of san jose started a major clean-up of a large homeless encampment and the work is far from over. kelly park is a popular place for san jose's homeless. today crews started clearing out camps that were set up for months. the city says somewhere between 150 to 175 transients live there in the park. crews found an out house, even a television they ran off generators. city laters say the camps pose great risks. >> encampments propose a serious health risk and risk to the community and to the environment, as well. >> crews expect this to be a
multiday clean-up job. the city did a sweep of the area last year in october. there are fewer air traffic controllers on the job this morning. those positions across the country are being furloughed due to the federal spending cuts. ke l.a.x. chico's o'hare could delays from 10 minutes to an hour and if flight controllers at sfo escape the furloughs, bay area travelers may still feel the pinch. >> we could locally have no issues. but if another airport has a staffing shortage, has congestion, we could see delays to and from the locations. >> airlines filed a lawsuit against the federal aviation administration on friday asking a federal court to stop the furloughs of air traffic controllers. faa officials declined comment on the suit. a member of the oakland school board will become the district's acting superintendent soon. gary yee was named a candidate for the job today.
the school board is due to vote on the appointment on wednesday. yee has been on the school board since 2003 and he is in line to replace superintendent tony smith. smith is leaving because of family health issues. >> we have decided that, given the time frame that we're working with, that an acting superintendent is the right course of action at this time. >> yee is an oakland native and has worked as an educator and principal for more than 40 years. residents finally allowed to return home in texas. next, newly released 911 tapes from the moments following the deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. and girl next door reese witherspoon in an unusual role what she has to say about her weekend in jail. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. high pressure and offshore winds, the temperatures are soaring, some places already in the 80s. how high will they go? we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,
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su and we are lthwarting of terrorist attack in canada. several suspects reportedly are under arrest in ontario and the quebec provinces. the alleged plotters were under surveillance for more than a year and this was the product of a cross-border operation involving canadian law enforcement, the fbi and the department of homeland security. a special task force in canada made the arrest this morning. the suspects have they connection to the accused bombers in boston and in just a few minutes, we are expecting a news conference to start in toronto. a court hearing continues today for the man accused of sending letters laced with ricin to president obama and a u.s. senator. today the fbi told a judge no
ricin was found at the suspect's mississippi home and paul kevin curtis denies any involvement. but the fbi says the letters borrow phrases from his facebook page and indentations on the letters possibly from envelopes that were on top trace back to two of the suspect's former addresses. on thursday, president obama and first lady michelle obama plan to visit the texas town rocked by a deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant. residents of west, texas are returning to their homes if they are still intact, and children are back in school. more than 50 homes were destroyed last wednesday and 14 people were killed. the devastating moments after the explosion are heard on newly released 911 tapes. ance st and a (inaudible). i as many east texas tr as you can send investigators now know exacy where the blast went off. b
they're still try determine the cause. >> investigators now know exactly where the blast went off but they're still tryi ng tethcaus rising rivers across the midwest are threatening to wipe out homes and businesses. check out the school bus making its way through floodwaters in illinois. there's no indication that students were on that bus. certainly concerning. and this is not something drivers should attempt to do in water that high. and you're saying this is the time of year where the midwest gets hit hard? >> of course they have had a lot of snow this year. the snow is melting so that adds to the runoff in some of the rivers. >> they need a break. >> and we are soaking up the sunshine. >> i know. >> there is going to be a run on ice cream and cold drinks around the bay area today like something else. we're seeing probably the warmest temperatures of the week. outside now, looking back toward the city of san
francisco, we have plenty of sunshine and the temperatures are already heating up in a hurry, beginning to see 80s popping up. 81 now in orin oakland. 83 in livermore. 79 in san francisco. and 81 in san jose. so ing on a beaul day outside. it's going to be hot in spots inland mild as you approach the coastline just a gentle sea breeze right at the beaches. but still, those temperatures going to top out in the 60s and the 70s. tonight mostly clear and mild. then we'll see a slow cooling trend rounding out the week, fog on wednesday. high pressure though sitting overhead right now bringing with it the peak of the weather for today as we are going to see the temperatures soar to their highest levels of the week and then the ridge is going to start to weaken somewhat sliding north and east. eventually we'll see a sea breeze, maybe even tomorrow we'll watch some temperatures dropping off. highs today though in the central valley some 80s and some 90s into fresno. the monterey bay looking very nice. 69 degrees, plenty of sunshine
there. 80 in yosemite, 85 ukiah, 60 in eureka. around our bay we're looking good, too. if you like the sunshine and the warm weather it's going to be a great day in san jose. 85 deees there. 87 in campbell. about 84 los altos. about 70 degrees topping out in half moon bay. east bay temperatures are going to soar well into the 80s. they are going to be pushing 90 degrees in the latter part of the afternoon, about 88 the expected high in livermore, 88 in brentwood, 87 degrees in the napa valley and about 89 in pleasant hill. inside the bay, these temperatures already warming up. we have had to bump up some of these numbers into san francisco. maybe about 80 degrees right there in the city of san francisco. but you look to daly city, you see they will catch a little bit of a sea breeze. that will keep the temperature down there to about 68 and should be about 86 degrees in santa rosa. hey, you know what? that's -- you know what? this is going to be a perfect night to take in the game. if you are headed to the ballpark, it's going to be beautiful, clear, mild, game time temperatures almost 70 degrees at 7:15 tonight. as we look over the next couple of days, we'll notice some
changes. that high pressure begins to weekend. we'll see more of a sea breeze kicking in and eventually into wednesday morning, we'll probably see some low clouds and fog returning to the bay area. that will help to cool down your temperatures probably through thursday, maybe in buxtekenlooking good too. astal fog, lots of sunshine for most folks. but this is it, michelle. this is as good as it's going to get for the remainder of the week. >> a good day for lemonade and ice cream. >> cold drinks, go to the beach. what a day. >> it's going to be beautiful. thank you. well, america's sweetheart posts for her mugshot. actress reese witherspoon apologized for bad behavior over the weekend. the os star winner's husband was arrested for a dui in atlanta on friday. cops slapped the cuffs on her when she refused to stay in the car during the arrest. she apparently tried to use her celebrity status to get out of it. witherspoon says she is, quote, deeply embarrassed and she clearly had one drink too many. your taste in cars could save you some cash.
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try to rebound from last w's gloom. let's take a live look at the big board... there's a little less pain the pump for california dri. markets are mixed as we try to rebound from last week. dow up 22. theres a little less pain at the pump for california
drivers. some good news for us. the latest lundberg survey shows the statewide average of 3.90 a gallon down 9 cents over the past two weeks. the highest average price in san francisco at $3.96 a gallon. the lowest $3. in stockt. just in time for earth day today, a california lawmaker is promoting a bill that would make electric cars more affordable. san francisco state assemblyman phillip ting held a news conference today to lay out the benefits of ab-220. it's a new bill that aims to reduce the sales tax due from car buyers when purchase new electric cars. if enacted into law, the bill would take effect on january 1 next year. time to eat and fresh grocer tony tantillo is in breaking down the best buys for this week's lunch menu. >> reporter: it's time for this week's best buys. eat fresh, stay healthy and save money. we'll start about the beautiful asparagus now, california grown from the delta region coming in
thin which is great when you broil this: $1.79 a great value. still imported in bartlett pairs coming in now the as a great value and great, great quality. when you buy them a little bit of mint and yellowing is perfect. store them on the counter. you can find these imported pears for as low as 79 cents a pound. last but not least, cluster tomatoes. the prices are fantastic in the market. i see them as low as 99 cents a pound but the average price on ads is roughly about $1.49 a pound. that's a great value especially if you want to make a wonderful caprese salad. and i'm tony tantillo, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. applications are open for a job that's out of this world. a mission to mars could be a reality coming up next and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 1-888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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why experts say young athles he a new warning for kids to play hard in sports. why experts say young athletes should branch out and the practice that may increase their risk for severe injuries. that and more at 5:00. well, calling all amateur astronauts. a new mission to mars is now accepting applications. dutch company mars 1 is offering the chance to go to the red planet and build a human colony. the criteria, you must be willing to live on another world, of course, with no oceans or even a morning cup of coffee. i don't think i could do that. there will be 8 years of intensive training, isolated from the rest of the world and you'll take off on your missing in 2022. mars 1 estimates the price tag for four people in mars about $6 billion. i would totally recommend you for this trip. >> is that right. i don't want to be the first on that one. i'd like to be the second group. let them work out the kinks a little bit. >> let them see how it is. >> yeah. >> wouldn't that be cool? >> it would be incredible.
>> you would be so isolated. >> that we can even think about going to mars, that's fascinating. >> doesn't feel like mars out there today though. >> it is getting hot! more like mercury out there now. we have a lot of sunshine and temperatures heating up outside. should be a beautiful afternoon as those temperatures soaring near 90 degrees in some of the valleys. even out at the coast michelle, 60s and 70s. how about that? >> that's good. i think you should cream after ve a gat afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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>> carter: it goes without saying that we have gathered for a very unique and special event -- the marriage of liam spencer and steffy forrester. >> rick: y-you want to go to the wedding?! >> hope: yes, .